Feature-rich object storage for ultimate control over your data

Get object storage that’s durable, scalable, and simple to interact with from a web interface and mobile app. It’s the next generation of storage, delivered through the market-leading AWS cloud.

Benefits of Amazon S3

Amazon S3 provides the most feature-rich object storage platform available in the cloud today.

  • Multiple use cases: Use Amazon S3 as primary storage for cloud-native applications, a bulk repository or "data lake," a target for backup and recovery and disaster recovery, or as a storage solution for serverless computing.
  • Manageable: Amazon S3 comes with a simple, web-based management console and mobile app and full REST APIs and SDKs for easy integration with third-party technologies.
  • Highly Available: S3 has redundancy built in as the data is stored in at least two availability zones in a region, which means separate physical data centers. Amazon guarantees availability of 9.99999999999, so your data will virtually always be online.
  • Durable: Amazon S3 is reliable storage for your important data, redundantly stored not only across multiple facilities but also multiple devices in each facility.
  • Scalable: Store as much data as you want, access it when you need to, and scale up and down as often as you’d like.
  • Secure: Transfer your data over SSL and have it automatically encrypted once uploaded. Manage object permissions by configuring bucket policies and control access to your data using identity and access management.
  • Simple Data Transfer: Amazon and Codero make it simple to move large volumes of data into or out of Amazon S3.

Get reliable, searchable object storage with Amazon S3

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