Flexible storage with outstanding performance.

Your data is the heart of your business operations, customer relationships, and competitive advantage. How you store and manage it is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Codero’s storage options are built to keep your data secure, easy to manage, and reliable to access.

Elastic Solid State Drive (SSD) Cloud Block Storage

Demanding apps require the highest input/output performance per second (IOPS) possible. Codero Elastic Block Storage delivers the only guaranteed high-performance, multi-platform storage system in the industry. Your specified minimum IOPS will always be met, under any condition.

Use cases for Elastic SSD Cloud Block:

  • High-performance database applications
  • Flexible public / private cloud storage
  • Ecommerce / highly transactional apps
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • ERP / CRM application hosting
  • Database clustering
  • Demanding storage / IO applications
  • Analytics application acceleration

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Get customizable storage with the speed and space your infrastructure needs. SAN is a dedicated network device that provides access to consolidated, block-level data storage. SAN storage is primarily used to make storage devices accessible to servers so that the devices appear like they are locally attached. Choose from 4-24 TB, ranging from 16-48 GB cache.

Use cases for SAN:

  • Databases
  • Shared application storage (i.e. Microsoft Sharepoint, Confluence, Wikis)
  • Private cloud
  • Block access storage
  • Clustering
  • Disaster recovery

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Give your infrastructure the room it needs to grow without sacrificing speed. NAS is file-level computer data storage that any machine attached to your network can use to store files or backups. Choose from 4-24 TB, ranging from 16-48 GB cache.

Use cases for NAS:

  • Archiving and long-term file retention
  • Backup targets (for backing up files)
  • File sharing (amongst multiple servers)
  • Web server content shares
  • Rich media repositories
  • Shared storage
  • File-based workflows

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Get the most feature-rich object storage in the cloud with a simple web management interface to make it easy to store and retrieve data, all with almost 100% durability and the ability to scale past trillions of objects worldwide.

Use cases for Amazon S3:

  • Primary storage for cloud-native applications
  • Bulk repository / data lake for analytics
  • Target for backup and disaster recovery
  • Serverless computing

Amazon Glacier

When you need data archiving and long-term backup, there’s no more secure, durable, and low-cost storage service than Amazon Glacier. Reliably store any amount of data without the need to own, load or restore tape drives. Data stored in Glacier is typically available in 2-3 hours.

Use cases for Amazon Glacier:

  • Typical archival applications
  • Replacement for expensive robotic tape libraries
  • Data that doesn’t require immediate access

Azure Blob Storage

No unstructured data pool is too big for Blob. Easily and affordably store anywhere from hundreds to billions of objects in hot, cool, or archive tiers, with a REST interface. Enjoy the added benefit of object mutability; the flexibility of choosing from block, page, and append blob types; and geo-redundancy.

Use cases for Azure Blob:

  • Large amounts of unstructured data
  • Public or private data repositories

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