Build, ship, and run apps without the overhead of VMs.

When you want the benefits of virtualization without the overhead, Docker containers provide a lightweight, portable option. Leverage containers to create and standardize multiple, isolated app environments on a single server.

Benefits of Docker

Docker is a lightweight, portable application module for building, shipping, and running apps on any Codero hosting implementation.

  • Make app deployment faster and smoother: Quickly save and version containers to test and update apps for a variety of environments, making the development cycle quicker and easier.
  • Free up computing hardware: Containers utilize the server’s operating system, rather than requiring their own, freeing up computing hardware for more applications.
  • Move your container whenever you need to: Easily move your containerized applications among different servers running Docker.
  • Keep apps secure across the entire life cycle: Get end-to-end security for your apps with pro-active risk mitigation and continuous monitoring that reduce the attack surface.

Let’s talk about Docker.

Whether you’re ready to jump in, or have a few questions about using Docker with Codero hosting, we’re here to help.

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