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Choosing to host your business data, website, and apps offsite doesn’t have to mean giving up control. Access and manage your dedicated server — anytime from anywhere — using our remote server access tools. Use all three tools for the ultimate in remote visibility and control. Want even more support? Choose to have your server managed, and we’ll monitor and manage it for you.

Server Monitor

Achieve maximum uptime by monitoring your server through this easy-to-use interface that includes historical trend analyses with support for both polling and trapping mechanisms. Server Monitoring is available in two plans: Basic and Advanced.

  • Anywhere, anytime visibility w/ access rights: Easy-to-use web interfaces can be accessed anywhere at any time, and access rights can be defined for each user.
  • Designed for multiple platforms: Can be used with Windows®, Linux®, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and OS X.
  • Act quickly with service failure alerts: Receive customizable event notifications to quickly react to server issues.
  • Be proactive with detailed report data: Identify potential issues before they cause downtime or lag.
FeatureBasic Plan FeaturesAdvanced Plan Features
CPU Utilization
Disk I/0
Memory Utilization
Process Count
SQL Transactions
Hard Disk Utilization
Bandwidth Utilization

Remote Server Management

Get real-time administrative access to your dedicated server at the root level with secure SSHv2 encryption and out-of-band access.

  • 24/7/365 root access for ultimate control: Manage your server as though you are physically in the data center.
  • Secure SSHv2 encryption: Keep your data secure even when accessing remotely with powerful SSHv2 encryption.
  • Works with the way you work: Allows any Command Line Interface (CLI), and enables you to troubleshoot Unix®, Linux, and Windows-based servers at any speed.
  • Track your activities: Get complete documentation, activity, and audit logs.


KVM Over IP utilizes a network connection to allow remote control over a system's keyboard, video, and mouse ports. Get full BIOS and dedicated server management access, even out-of-band, without requiring command-line-based shell access knowledge.

  • Get BIOS-level management: Gain BIOS-level or RAID control from a single, unified interface.
  • Administration without advanced knowledge: Manage your server without SSH/Shell access knowledge.
  • Reboot remotely: Securely reboot your server from any location at any time.
  • Upgrade and install OS and applications: Install your OS with out-of-band access and use the browser-based GUI to install and run applications.
  • Recover from common issues: Recover lost or stolen passwords and enjoy automatic failover with dual power and dual Gigabit ethernet.
  • Leverage for advanced use cases: Map USB drives through the network to allow remote media to be used, leverage PXE boot options in a controlled network to boot off of media, and more.

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