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Codero offers more than reliable hosting and exceptional support. We give you the tools you need to take control of your technology – whether you’re looking for better ways to manage your servers or better ways to build your apps.

Remote Server Access Tools

Convenience and control are vital to ensuring your server performs optimally every hour of every day. Our Server Monitor, Remote Console, and KVM Over IP tools enable you to monitor activity, generate real-time reports, maximize performance, and troubleshoot from anywhere, anytime.

Types of Remote Server Access:

  • Server Monitor: Track and measure performance with historical trends analysis, support for both polling and trapping mechanisms, and visibility into high-level monitored resources.
  • Remote Console: Get real-time administrative access at the root level from anywhere, with customized server setup; documentation, activity, and audit logs; and out-of-band, serial port access.
  • KVM Over IP: Have full access to your dedicated servers from anywhere without requiring command-line-based shell access knowledge. Control hardware and software systems from a remote location and access the hardware BIOS to control the boot order of the server and OS.


Docker is a lightweight, portable application module that helps you build, ship, and run distributed apps with any Codero hosting. Highly portable and more lightweight than a virtual machine, Docker containers can be used for the same tasks as virtualization, without the large overhead. Quickly assemble apps; eliminate friction between development, QA, and production; scale and deploy quickly; and run more workloads.

Use cases for Docker:

  • Ecommerce: Scale up your online store by containerizing your ecommerce software and pushing it to your dedicated or cloud servers to help load balance. Add new cloud servers with your containerized app while using Codero's hybrid network to connect to your dedicated database server over a private network.
  • Gaming: House multiple game servers onto one server without requiring the overhead of several virtual machines.
  • Testing and QA: Reduce testing and QA resource needs by using multiple containers on one server instead of multiple servers. Build and test your app locally using Docker, then deploy the same Docker image on your production server for identical dependencies and software versions.

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