Codero’s Survey at RTIME Finds Cloud Adoption and Disaster Recovery Preparation Rates High

Codero asked providers whether their customers were using cloud technologies, with 86 percent of respondents answering affirmatively. RLECs have played a large role in enabling this growing trend through their investments in high-speed fiber optic lines, but need to be proactive to ensure they are customers’ preferred choice for these cloud services.

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Codero Adds Microsoft Office 365 and CyberSecurity Center

Microsoft Office 365 is the most-used business application on the Internet, and 90 percent of its users are small businesses. Yet only 7.5 percent of small businesses are using Office 365, leaving a large, untapped opportunity for RLECs to resell Office 365 to rural small business customers.

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Codero Partner BEK Communications Offers Free Cloud Backup To Its Rural North Dakota Customers

Once primarily tasked with providing voice and television service for rural areas, RLECs began to experience new pressures and opportunities to modernize as the digital era progressed. Many began this journey by providing Internet service over copper wire, but as competition increased, companies like BEK Communications recognized the opportunities that faster Internet would bring.

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Premier Communications Sees Early Success With Expansion To I.T. Consulting And Business Continuity

Driving this trend is the transformation the telecommunications industry has undergone during the past two decades from voice and cable TV services to not only providing Internet service but managed hosting, storage, business continuity solutions, and more. Today’s rural small businesses need anywhere, any-device access to these services, but may not have the in-house resources or expertise to architect, deploy, or manage their own IT.

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Codero Hosting Evolves from IaaS to Platform-agnostic, Hybrid Multi-Cloud Architecture

Codero will continue to offer bare metal servers and most of the products upon which the company has built its success, but customers will now be able to utilize Codero’s team of experts to configure and manage their AWS and Azure environments as well. Moreover, the company will employ a hybrid multi-cloud approach to design and build custom implementations that span multiple vendors and platforms when it makes sense.

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