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There’s a common misconception that small business IT is simple IT. The truth is, the complexity of your infrastructure has less to do with the size of your business and more to do with the way you operate.

For example, if you keep customer information or credit cards on file, you need secure data storage, which may mean using a bare metal server or a private cloud depending on how much data you have. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessary or cost-effective to run your entire website and all your corporate operations in the same highly secure environment.

Still, some small businesses might choose to do so in the name of simplifying their IT. But the more compromises you make, the more inefficient your system becomes, which means higher costs and – sometimes – less reliability. What you really want is to host every application and process in the right environment, regardless of how many environments you end up having.

“Easier said than done,” you may be thinking. If you don’t have an in-house IT team to help (or even if you do), getting the best of all worlds can sound prohibitively complicated. That’s where partnering with a managed service provider like Codero can help.

Working with a Managed Service Provider to Get Your Ideal IT

It may sound like using a third party to architect and manage your IT would be expensive, but the truth is you often save in the long run because your ongoing IT budget is spent more precisely and efficiently. By using a hybrid multi-cloud approach, your provider can ensure each application and task runs in its ideal environment for performance, cost, and functionality.

And since your managed service provider is keeping your applications and infrastructure updated, while also monitoring for suspicious activity, you’re at less risk of falling victim to a devastating data breach or other cyber attack that would cost you exponentially more.

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Hybrid Multi-Cloud for Small Business

Your provider will get to know your business’ structure, goals and day-to-day operations to make nuanced IT architecture decisions. Here are a few general needs that may affect your small business IT plan:

Employee Coworking

Depending on your industry, your small business probably uses employee coworking tools on a daily basis. Small businesses often rely on Microsoft Excel, Word, and other collaboration tools to create customer mailing lists, do basic accounting and planning, draft and share strategic plans, write proposals and marketing copy, and much more. So for most, Microsoft Office 365 on Azure is a necessary component.

Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance Storage and Compute

Many small businesses today rely heavily on the cloud, from SaaS applications to cloud-based hosting. There’s a good chance you’ll put private customer data on a managed private cloud, while keeping less-sensitive documents and data on a public cloud like AWS or Azure. Hybrid multi-cloud architecture makes it easy to connect clouds of different types and even from different vendors so you can get the optimal mix of resources.


Your business may be small, but it’s as reliant on digital technology as anyone. That means to avoid disastrous data loss, it’s important to conduct ongoing backups. Having a hybrid multi-cloud strategy means you can regularly backup your data from one hosting vendor to a cloud run by a different vendor, spreading your liability across different companies and different geographic areas.

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One thing businesses of all sizes say they love about working with Codero is that they get to know our team. You’re not a number on a shelf to us, and we won’t be a nameless voice on the phone to you.

From day one, our goal is to provide your ideal IT architecture, which means going beyond blanks on a form and getting to know your business. We’ll take time to learn about your team, the products or services you offer, your customer base, your goals, and everything else that makes you tick and will remain your right-hand team as you grow and change into the future.

Let’s talk about how your small business can get secure, efficient, enterprise-quality IT at an affordable rate. We’re excited to hear from you and can’t wait to share how we can make your IT easy, without making it overly simple.

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