By Melissa Bradbury



Most businesses will say their people play an integral role in their success. But for a high-touch, multi-platform managed services company like Codero, our people are not just facilitators — in many ways, they’re our product.

When you become a Codero customer, it’s not by filling out an automated order form. Our model is white glove, not self-serve, because we know our multi-platform expertise adds a great deal of long-term value that can set the course for your business’ product delivery, budgets, adaptability, and overall future success.

That’s why finding and developing quality IT talent is something we take very seriously. Codero management maintains high standards in how we work with our teams and our customers to engineer successful IT implementations and productive ongoing partnerships. Here’s what that looks like:

Building Working Relationships with Customers

In practice, we don’t operate as a vendor so much as an extension of our customers’ teams. So when we hire and develop an employee, they know they’re expected to build real relationships with our customers, as they would with their colleagues and bosses, and treat your business as if it were their own. This means seeking criticism and working proactively to solve problems as though their own success depends on it (because it does).

As a Codero customer, you’ll get to know our team of experts well. You won’t be anonymous to us and we won’t be anonymous to you.

Maintaining Multi-Platform Expertise

It’s important to us that our sales and support team be able to meet your needs with creative, optimized, multi-platform solutions, so continuous learning is one of our core values. Our people stay certified and up to date on the latest features and functionality for Azure, AWS, and our own managed servers, as well as the platform knowledge they need to manage your other legacy or third-party infrastructure.

In addition, our platform-agnostic approach not only means you get the most optimal solution for your company, but also that our people aren’t pressured to sell a solution that doesn’t make sense for you.

Being Results-Oriented

We never confuse effort with results. Each customer’s success is our goal, and we’re single-mindedly focused on helping them achieve it by staying informed and educated; architecting the ideal environment for their needs; pro-actively maintaining and monitoring their environment; and recommending IT opportunities and strategic changes on an ongoing basis.

In other words, our goal is to be your expert right hand, today and as technology continues to evolve.

Work with Us

If you’re an IT professional looking for new opportunities, we would love to speak with you about our available positions to see if you might be a fit.

And if you’re a company looking for an expert sounding board and strategic IT partner to help your business succeed, we’d love to show you how we can fill that role.

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