By Ric Riddle



70% of enterprises will run on a multi-cloud strategy by 2019, according to Gartner.

If that statistic doesn’t catch your attention, you might need another cup of coffee.

We’re very rapidly approaching a time when hybrid multi-cloud will replace traditional on-premise, single cloud, and hybrid cloud configurations as the norm. Why? Because the benefits of combining the best possible services and solutions from each of the world’s premier vendors are just too massive to miss.

Think ideal performance, cost savings, continual access to the latest technology, storage optimization and efficiencies, and so many other wins, you’ll get worn out just listing them.

Still, there’s a good chance your company hasn’t moved toward a hybrid multi-cloud strategy yet. Not every company wants to be on the bleeding edge – in fact, many stay as far away from sharp objects as possible. But the beauty of hybrid multi-cloud is that, by virtue of the flexibility and modularity of this strategy, you don’t have to take great risks (or really any risks) to start reaping the benefits.

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  • How hybrid multi-cloud can help IT leadership overcome resistance to change
  • Use cases and industry examples

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Make no mistake that the hybrid multi-cloud approach is becoming the new norm, and it’s vital you have a managed technology partner you can count on to guide, facilitate, and manage your hybrid multi-cloud setup. Whether you choose Codero or not, we think it’s absolutely essential that you take strides toward your hybrid multi-cloud future, sooner rather than later.

We hope this starter guide makes the path a bit more clear.

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