Decisions, decisions. Being a CIO or other IT leader means bearing the constant burden of choosing among virtually unlimited options when it comes to vendors, platforms, services, and infrastructure. And until recently, most of those choices meant making compromises.

When you become a Codero customer, it’s not by filling out an automated order form. Our model is white glove, not self-serve, because we know our multi-platform expertise adds a great deal of long-term value that can set the course for your business’ product delivery, budgets, adaptability, and overall future success.

IT migrations and upgrades aren’t something most people look forward to. No matter how much you need a refresh, upgrades have typically been expensive, complex, and time- and labor-intensive. And in the end, it’s always disheartening to see that technology just keeps marching forward as soon as you lock yourself into a platform.

Starting in July 2018, the speed at which your web pages load now affects how Google ranks your site on mobile searches. That probably puts you in one of two camps — either you’re sitting pretty because you’ve made page load time a priority. Or you will probably start to see a decline in search ranking and related mobile traffic in the coming weeks.

We’re very rapidly approaching a time when hybrid multi-cloud will replace traditional on-premise, single cloud, and hybrid cloud configurations as the norm. Why? Because the benefits of combining the best possible services and solutions from each of the world’s premier vendors are just too massive to miss.

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