It’s no secret by now that digital transformation is shaking up even the largest companies. Hybrid multi-cloud has quickly become the best way to get exactly the right mix of resources to support your company’s specific infrastructure needs. But, hybrid multi-cloud and other infrastructure models can be difficult to navigate without an expert on hand. It’s essential to your company’s survival that you choose a managed services provider to help you along the way.

Darwin may not have been talking about business when he came up with the phrase “Survival of the Fittest”, but it’s definitely true in today’s business world. Technology is changing daily and businesses must adapt to stay competitive. Research firm Innosight has reported that the average lifespan of a typical company is down from 61 years to 18, with further declines expected. The culprit? Digital disruption.

Even if you’re not an IT expert, you still have to make educated choices about the hosting and web services you use. Your business success depends on it. Our upcoming webinar series breaks down the basics so that you can make informed and confident decisions – even if you’re an IT beginner.

You’ve been through enough end-of-support migrations and updates at this point to know that they’re usually a blessing in disguise. Being forced to update may be an organizational headache, but at least you’ll come out of it with some shiny, modern capabilities. The SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 end of extended support July 9, 2019 will be no exception. Needless to say, a great deal has changed since SQL Server 2008 was introduced 10 years ago, and you will almost certainly find this update brings better database performance and reliability.

Digital transformation is a large undertaking, whether you're a massive corporation or a mom-and-pop shop. Eschewing the customs of the past can be tricky — whether we’re talking about paper receipts, siloed digital and brick-and-mortar systems, or outmoded marketing programs. But 89% of IT decision makers say digital transformation is so important that they’re working on a strategy to make it happen, even though it may be a complicated process.

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