The decision to move some of your data to the cloud may not have been a tough one. From flexibility to cost savings to scalability, the “pro-cloud” column is just too weighty to ignore these days.

When Microsoft released ExpressRoute, the company’s solution for seamlessly connecting Azure to non-Azure clouds and dedicated hosting resources, it’s not an overstatement to say it changed the face of IT forever.

Problem is there’s a Catch-22 with IT modernization — the more dependent you are on a particular technology, the harder it is to keep up with its evolution. In the database realm, when you’re relying on Microsoft SQL Server to run your own database and/or databases that support applications used by your customers, transitioning to a cloud-based database solution can feel prohibitively time consuming and complex.

Security is without question one of the largest pain points for companies of all sizes right now — for a spectrum of reasons. For small businesses, it’s typically a question of resources. If you have an IT team at all, having a team member devoted to security full time is typically not a reasonable option. For mid-sized and larger businesses, the challenge becomes one of scale and complexity. The more software, platforms, data, devices, and end users you have to manage, the harder it is to keep everything updated and secured.

Azure has become an industry-leading cloud platform thanks to its extensible framework for interoperability among Microsoft apps, as well as Microsoft’s impressive global presence (42 data centers worldwide). Microsoft apps play a vital role in workplaces across our customer base, and adding Azure to our platform suite simplifies access and security for each member of your team while giving you all the flexibility and scalability benefits of the cloud.

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