Setting up your IT means making hundreds of decisions that go unseen within your organization. But one of the most highly visible choices you’ll make is which software and productivity suite to use: Office 365 or G Suite.

The beauty of hybrid multi-cloud architecture is that it lets you run every task in the right environment at the right time. This approach turns the hosting offerings on the market into a veritable food court — you can select an array of different items that work together for you, even if they come from different vendors.

Companies across industries are already using technology to enable net new revenue streams, products, services, and business models that tap into adjacent markets or new industries altogether. As competition heats up, thinking flexibly and modernizing your own offerings becomes the only way to avoid being “disrupted” — and that goes for both B2B and B2C companies.

Cybercriminals are opportunists just like any entrepreneur, meaning they go where the market takes them. And today, they’re not just building thriving dark web businesses selling stolen credit card data, they’ve developed a booming new market buying and selling consumers’ personal information.

Effective leaders seek to influence others by modifying expectations and creating a motivational arena in which everyone within their reach is inspired to work toward common organizational goals. The most effective leaders focus on the development and growth of their team members, and on helping each of them reach their full potential. After all, it’s the results of the team that are important, not the team leader.

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