Hosting has become a competition of people. The team with the most expertise, who provides the most value for your company will earn and keep your business. At Codero, we pride ourselves on being nimble and building genuine relationships with our customers. It’s especially rewarding when a customer notices this for themselves. Damian Spaulding recently submitted the following testimonial of his fantastic experience with our sales and support teams.

It’s easy to think of cloud hosting as a commodity – after all, beyond the distinctions of public and private, it may not seem like one company’s cloud offering would differ from another’s. But yet there are undeniably a handful of cloud providers winning the market. Why is that?

Innovation in medicine, science, and other research-based fields has never been as dependent on IT infrastructure as it is today. Machine learning has opened the door for researchers to quickly glean complex insights from massive data sets, which paves the way for new discoveries and a more nuanced understanding of our health and our world.

Still, some small businesses might choose to do so in the name of simplifying their IT. But the more compromises you make, the more inefficient your system becomes, which means higher costs and – sometimes – less reliability. What you really want is to host every application and process in the right environment, regardless of how many environments you end up having.

If you’re a digital media company, you’re more aware than most what a difference your technology can make. Service delays and buffering issues can mean sudden, drastic losses of audience attention. If that happens often enough, you may never regain the viewers who leave.

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