Digital transformation is a large undertaking, whether you're a massive corporation or a mom-and-pop shop. Eschewing the customs of the past can be tricky — whether we’re talking about paper receipts, siloed digital and brick-and-mortar systems, or outmoded marketing programs. But 89% of IT decision makers say digital transformation is so important that they’re working on a strategy to make it happen, even though it may be a complicated process.

Stay on the sunny side of the cloud

IDG Research learned last year that more than half of IT leaders report having to move one or more workloads back from a public cloud to a dedicated server. It turns out the cloud is best when consumed as part of a balanced IT diet, rather than the entire meal.

Decisions, decisions. Being a CIO or other IT leader means bearing the constant burden of choosing among virtually unlimited options when it comes to vendors, platforms, services, and infrastructure. And until recently, most of those choices meant making compromises.

When you become a Codero customer, it’s not by filling out an automated order form. Our model is white glove, not self-serve, because we know our multi-platform expertise adds a great deal of long-term value that can set the course for your business’ product delivery, budgets, adaptability, and overall future success.

The decision to move some of your data to the cloud may not have been a tough one. From flexibility to cost savings to scalability, the “pro-cloud” column is just too weighty to ignore these days.

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