It isn’t bad enough that the WannaCry ransomware is sweeping the globe, with even more dangerous variants going after your servers. Now some forms of malware attempt to infect your backups. Unsuspecting IT managers will assume they can recover from a ransomware infection by restoring their backups, only to find those copies are infected as well.

Do You Have Rogue Clouds?

If your company uses cloud computing vendors such Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, IBM Softlayer or Google GCP in any significant capacity, you probably some rogue clouds. Even if you don’t think your company does cloud, you may have a rogue cloud instance or two. What are rogue clouds? These are clouds that are operating under the radar of the formal IT department, or perhaps authorized clouds that have spun out of control either via costs or in taking over functions they aren’t approved to do. Any of these situations sound familiar? Then you probably have rogue clouds.

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