Catastrophic. Epic. The words used to describe the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey barely meet the description as the images of the destruction in Houston unfolded. As businesses try to restore business as usual, they’re working to find solutions for flooded buildings, continued power outages, and inaccessible areas.

Planning for Catastrophe

It’s hard to plan for every eventuality, whether at work or at home. When was the last time you backed up your phone or laptop data? Businesses aren’t much better about this kind of disaster recovery preparation, even though downtime or lost data can lead to lost revenue, or even to business failure. Small and Medium Businesses Unprepared A recent article highlighted research that only 42% of Small and Medium Business (SMB) IT decision makers are concerned about ransomware. This study, conducted by Webroot…

Do you have a toxic backup relationship? These nine warning signs will help you decide if it’s time to breakup with your current backup and will ensure the right choice for a hybrid cloud backup solution.

Data continues to grow at an astronomical rate. Hardware and operating systems change. This is all part of the environment that makes data backup issues more complex than ever, and makes choosing between backup solutions more challenging.

Gartner released its annual Magic Quadrant report on Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) in June. Codero partner Infrascale was named a Leader in this evolving space – for which we applaud them – but there are other interesting items to be interpreted from the report.

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