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Consider these two facts: Microsoft Office 365 is the most-used web-based business application. But only 7.5 percent of small businesses are using it.

What’s Holding Small Businesses Back?

Small businesses can benefit from Office 365 as much as anyone. But they’re hesitant to make the switch because of a few not-so-insignificant things, like:

  • the fear of making an expensive mistake;

  • the pain of migrating to a new system and training employees;

  • and, of course reluctance to move on from investments they’ve already made in on-premise versions.

Consider the Pain of NOT Switching

But in today’s cloud-based, mobile world, the hard truth is you’re limiting your employees’ productivity if you’re operating on an on-premise version of Office.

Office 365 enables employees to use Office apps from any device and any network, so they can work at home, on the go, in the airport, or wherever they need to. They can save their files to OneDrive so that, wherever they are, they can collaborate in real-time with colleagues.

If you’re using on-premise Office, you’re also missing out on the security and functionality benefits that come with Office 365’s regular updates and patches. Think about what you have to do to get the latest on-premise Office suite features – upgrade to the next edition, which brings many of the same challenges as switching to Office 365.

When it comes down to it, switching to Office 365 is often the best move for the modern workforce. And the good news is it doesn’t have to be so difficult.
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Making the Move Easier

Codero announced recently that we’re now offering Office 365 for our customers to purchase or offer to their customers. When you buy Office 365 from us, we’ll make it easy to understand, easy to buy, and easy to implement and support.

Getting Office 365 for Your Company

We’ll not only help you pick the best plan for you, we can help you migrate so you don’t have to take that on alone. Our Microsoft-Certified team will be instrumental in leading the migration strategy and execution so you can switch with little or no downtime and no loss of files.

Then, we’ll optionally manage and support Office 365 so your team doesn’t have to take on that ongoing burden. You’ll get reliable, secure Office 365 without the overhead.

Establishing a New Revenue Stream with Office 365

The small business market is largely untapped for Office 365, so it makes sense for RLECs, value-added resellers, IT consulting companies, and anyone else looking for new revenue streams to offer the suite along with Codero’s migration, management, and support services.

Some of our partners are opting to package this offering with other solutions – for example, as a small business cloud bundle with cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Others are approaching it as a stand-alone product that can provide steady, reliable revenue.

The fact is that many small businesses are searching for single-partner solutions that make it simple to manage their computers and inboxes. Offering Office 365 through the Codero Partner Program enables you to own more of your customers’ complete experience.

Is It the Right Move for You?

We’re excited to make the move to Office 365 easier for our customers and partners. But we’ll only recommend it if it makes sense for your company.

Let’s talk about your business goals, current Microsoft implementation, team structure, and mobility policies. We can help you prioritize, plan, and make a sound decision on whether the move to Office 365 makes sense for you this year.
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