By John Martis



As technology and markets have evolved in countless ways over the last few years, so has Codero, and we find ourselves in the midst of another important evolution today. One of the more obvious changes you may have noticed is the redesign of our website. You’ll immediately recognize that we’ve employed a different look and feel, which makes it easier to find the information and resources you need.

But this is about much more than a face lift. Our new website exemplifies our new approach to serving you, and brings our business process better in line with how you like to engage.

We’ve removed the order forms and impersonal cart functionality because configuring your company’s technology is not like buying a t-shirt or mobile phone. Your hosting implementation can be designed in an unlimited number of ways, with each choice ultimately playing a role in how quickly your audience can access your site, how well your applications and databases run, how easily you can grow and scale, and even how likely you are to succeed.

With so much at stake, it’s vital that your systems be built from the ground up by experienced technology professionals who take a platform-agnostic approach with your company’s goals, operational strategy, budget, audience, and future needs in mind.

This consultative approach to technology has long been a core principle for our team members because we have seen firsthand that the most obvious solution isn’t always the best one. We are able to leverage decades of experience along with in-depth knowledge of modern technology to provide a level of insight that no online order form can.

And this personal relationship extends far beyond your initial build. When you call Codero, you won’t reach a cubicle bank of nameless workers. You’ll hear familiar voices – some of which have probably been with you since the beginning.

As technology continues to change at breakneck speed, your Codero team will be here to ensure your business evolves too. There’s been no bigger shift in recent years than the movement toward cloud resources offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure – and for good reason. The flexibility, convenience, and scalability offered by these services is unparalleled.

That’s why Codero is proud to partner with AWS and Azure to ensure you can get exactly the architecture and implementation you need. Whether it’s a fully dedicated configuration or a hybrid multi-cloud model that seamlessly connects Codero resources to a managed private cloud or an AWS or Azure cloud, our team of Certified AWS and Azure professionals are ready to assist with your cloud needs.

We’re also excited to transition from our history as an infrastructure-as-a-service provider to a trusted IT partner providing solution bundles based on your industry’s (and company’s) specific needs. Ecommerce companies face wholly different demands than online game companies, digital media creators, small businesses, developers, or organizations in high-assurance fields like healthcare and government. We now provide purpose-built solutions for each industry.

I am honored to join this great team as CEO in the midst of this exciting evolution. After almost two decades in the hosting industry, I have been made wiser by lessons learned and remain enthusiastic about the opportunities still stretching before us.

As we close out 2017, Codero is more committed than ever to being the technology partner you need to achieve competitive success in 2018 and beyond. We wish you continued prosperity as we greet the future head on. I, for one, can’t wait to be part of it.


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