By Melissa Bradbury



Decisions, decisions. Being a CIO or other IT leader means bearing the constant burden of choosing among virtually unlimited options when it comes to vendors, platforms, services, and infrastructure. And until recently, most of those choices meant making compromises.

Should you move data to Azure or AWS? Both vendors offer hundreds of cloud services and features, but if you pick the “wrong one,” you might find yourself missing out on a technology you really needed.

Should you invest in emerging technologies or stick with your legacy systems? Your higher-ups are demanding forward-thinking strategy but won’t like the price tag of a technology overhaul.

How do you make the best possible choices for today and the future at the same time? Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and so is your industry. Without a crystal ball, it’s hard to plan for your needs five years or more down the road.

These tough questions have a common answer — hybrid multi-cloud IT. You no longer have to choose between Azure and AWS, because with help from a partner like Codero, you can connect cloud services and storage from both vendors. Connect them to what? Whatever you want. Servers in our data center, your legacy systems, other clouds — you name it.

With hybrid multi-cloud, you still have choices to make, but not compromises.

In this short video, we explain what hybrid multi-cloud is, how it’s changing IT, and how your organization can benefit.

Stop compromising, and start building in an incremental, future-proof way with help from Codero.

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