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You may have heard us say recently that we’re committed to helping you run the right task in the right environment for the right reasons. To help us deliver on that promise, we announced today that Codero is now a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.

We are expanding on our long-running legacy as a Microsoft Gold Partner by providing Managed Microsoft Azure.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Azure has become an industry-leading cloud platform thanks to its extensible framework for interoperability among Microsoft apps, as well as Microsoft’s impressive global presence (42 data centers worldwide). Microsoft apps play a vital role in workplaces across our customer base, and adding Azure to our platform suite simplifies access and security for each member of your team while giving you all the flexibility and scalability benefits of the cloud.

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Use cases for Azure

For certain organizations, Azure can be the best possible route to the cloud, while for others, it may make sense as part of a hybrid multi-cloud strategy. This focus on the “best possible” begins the moment you contact Codero. Rather than trying to pigeonhole you into the platform we want to sell, we look at your organization’s needs and architect the right mix of platforms and services for your situation.

If you’re a company that runs on Microsoft, there’s a good chance we’ll recommend leveraging Azure for many of your cloud needs. This may mean spinning up Azure resources to cover seasonal traffic spikes or development test projects. It may mean utilizing Azure for cloud backup or leveraging its content delivery network.

Even if you aren’t running on Microsoft, Azure offers a robust set of integrations, features, and benefits that could make it the best choice for you. Our team is Azure certified and knowledgeable on the use cases and best practices for Azure and every platform Codero offers.

Let us help

Whether you have an existing Azure deployment or are implementing a new one, our Azure-certified experts will optimize and manage your environment to ensure it’s secure, stable, and performing well. The less you have to focus on patching and managing your infrastructure, the more time you have for bigger-picture tasks.

We’re excited to offer our customers the convenience and functionality of the Azure platform. If you’re ready to see what Microsoft Azure and Codero can do for you, chat with us about your goals.

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