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Hybrid Multi-Cloud Is a Must for Digital Media Providers

If you’re a digital media company, you’re more aware than most what a difference your technology can make. Service delays and buffering issues can mean sudden, drastic losses of audience attention. If that happens often enough, you may never regain the viewers who leave.

It’s exactly these pressures that make many digital media companies go big when it comes to their infrastructure — selecting the highest-performance servers, optimized to serve up content as quickly and reliably as possible. It’s not about saving money, it’s about saving your audience numbers.

But there’s no denying part of your spend is wasted if you go with 100% dedicated IT. Your internal departments simply don’t need the same level of server performance as your customer-facing services. So if you’re paying for amped up servers to run basic office collaboration tools and cold storage, there’s are better option — the hybrid multi-cloud approach.

How Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments Work

A hybrid multi-cloud strategy connects your private infrastructure or servers in a data center, like Codero’s, to public cloud resources and relevant networks using a secure, private network.

We do this using Microsoft Azure and/or AWS’s network connection solutions, called ExpressRoute and Direct Connect, respectively. These enable us to create private connections between those vendors’ data centers and infrastructure on other premises securely and with lower latency than a site-to-site VPN would offer.

Thanks to this inter-vendor connectivity, you are free to run each task in its optimal environment. That means opting for high-performance dedicated servers where it makes sense and saving money with smaller cloud deployments where possible. This also allows you to separate, from a security or compliance standpoint, your public resources such as media from your internal resources, customer information database and other sensitive data you might not want to store on cloud servers.

This is key because most digital media providers have a few competing needs:

Storage and Speed

You can’t compromise here. You have to implement heavy-duty, high-performance video streaming servers with software and protocol capabilities that will enable you to stream to a wide variety of devices quickly and reliably.

If you’re an ad tech or big data firm, you need the ability to store and provide constant, speedy access to a massive bank of information. Either way, you’ll need high-performance servers to get the job done.

Archival and Failover

You’re most likely working with huge files, making long-term storage an issue unless you have the most cost-effective archival storage possible. Connecting AWS S3 or Glacier cloud resources to your high-performance dedicated hosting can give you an affordable and searchable way to archive those media files.

Moreover, you need reliable failover in place in the event that your hardware experiences issues or your hosting provider experiences an outage. Your digital media assets are your core intellectual property and can’t be lost. Hybrid multi-cloud not only allows you to seamlessly connect all of your environments across dedicated and cloud infrastructure, it enables you to set up failover from your hosting provider to another vendor to ensure your stream or data tech stays up and running.

Employee Coworking

Virtually every business today requires collaboration software for its internal teams, and Microsoft Office 365 on Azure is a popular and powerful option. Leverage Microsoft Office 365 on Azure and get a few key advantages, like a free Azure Active Directory subscription and the ability to integrate apps like your mail, calendars, and contacts to extend and customize your Office 365 subscription.

The Benefits of Having a Single Managed Service Provider

When you’re working with a provider like Codero to set up and manage your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, we’ll do everything it takes to ensure nothing goes wrong. Say your AWS resources go dark due to a power surge at Amazon. We’ll set up your systems to failover to Azure automatically to continue running without issue.

Even better, you’ll only have to make one call if you have questions about your IT or want to make changes. With Codero as your managed service provider, you not only get full-service architecture, implementation, and management of your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, you get the comfort of knowing you’ll be greeted by a familiar voice whenever you call.

Let’s talk about the perfect infrastructure for your digital media service. Whether you’re working on getting subscriber one or 100 million, we can help you achieve your optimal IT program.

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