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If you’re operating in a saturated marketplace, every competitive advantage becomes key -- can you go to market six months faster than the next company? Are your services more comprehensive or competitive? Do you have higher margins? More revenue streams?

Partnering with an IT and solutions provider like Codero can help you take advantage of all of these growth strategies with less effort and upfront expense. Whether you're a rural telecom provider, web design agency, SaaS provider, systems integrator, or even a managed services or hosting company, there's no need for you to build your own infrastructure in order to offer top-of-the-line hosting and solutions to your customers.

The Codero Partner Program has helped hundreds of companies provide white-label hosting to their customers and achieve faster time to market, while also earning them aggregate discounts on hosting.

Whether you’re already a partner or are interested in learning more about the program, we’re excited to introduce some new features and benefits coming to the program in 2018.

New for 2018

Our goal is to constantly update and expand our offerings to keep up with your changing needs as well as evolving industry trends.

Starting in 2018, you’ll notice a few new components we’ve added to help you better serve your clients and earn more revenue.

Self-Service Portal

Our new self-serve partner portal comes stocked with resources designed to help you sell more and nurture your relationships with clients and prospects, including co-brandable content.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing, while generating 3x as many leads. But creating your own content takes time and resources. Codero Partners have access to pre-crafted ebooks that you can brand with your own company logo, establishing credibility and showcasing expertise on topics like DRaaS and ransomware.

The portal also gives partners anytime access to sales training and product information, as well as a way to register and review the status of deal opportunities.

Solutions Bundles

We’re also making it easier to meet your client’s niche needs with the introduction of Codero solution bundles. Codero has graduated from our humble beginnings to now offer hosting, management, and software, bundled and customized for individual industries.

If you work closely with ecommerce, gaming, small business, digital media, or developers, you know that each industry (and individual company) has specific product and solution needs in order to optimize operations, stay in compliance, and develop their own competitive advantage. Our solutions are built specifically to tackle the challenges and needs each industry faces, earning you more money by enabling you to sell more services.

Discounts and Referral Commissions

Essentially, we seek to lessen your workload while increasing your ability to sell the right solutions to your customers at the right time. And as you sell more, you’ll continue to benefit more; we offer monthly bulk discounts ranging from 15-28% that increase in tandem with your Codero sales.

If you don't want to white label our solutions, but want your clients to work with us, you can earn 12% commissions for the life of the customer through our referral program, just for encouraging them to check out Codero.

Partner with Codero to Grow your Business

What is your strategy for growth in the new year? If you're looking for a way to do more with less — as in less overhead, less ongoing management, and less risk — consider partnering with Codero to grow your business.

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