By Melissa Bradbury



Digital transformation is a large undertaking, whether you're a massive corporation or a mom-and-pop shop. Eschewing the customs of the past can be tricky — whether we’re talking about paper receipts, siloed digital and brick-and-mortar systems, or outmoded marketing programs. But 89% of IT decision makers say digital transformation is so important that they’re working on a strategy to make it happen, even though it may be a complicated process.

Transforming your company’s operations requires first-principles thinking, or taking a look at the customer and employee experience and asking not how you can make the existing process slightly better but rethinking it altogether. Does my retail operation still need cash lanes, or can we outfit sales associates on the floor with smartphones and credit card scanners? How can my marketing team use machine learning to predict and nurture the future behavior of customers? How can my hospital enable doctors to deliver more personalized care in a more efficient way using IoT?

Once you know where you want to go, the next challenge is architecting your technology to get you there. In fact, this isn’t just a challenge — it’s a minefield. There are a million ways to overspend, overcommit, underplan, and underoptimize when you’re going through digital transformation. Getting it wrong can set you back years and spell disaster.

How to Get Digital Transformation Right

The good news is you can make substantial changes to your employee and customer experience without undergoing a complete IT overhaul. It’s entirely possible to transform your organization leveraging the technology you have now, and using modern cloud services to fill in the gaps.

Our new ebook shares how a hybrid multi-cloud strategy can help you build an incremental approach to digital transformation that utilizes your legacy systems. It also discusses why it’s vital you partner with a managed services provider like Codero who knows Azure and AWS and will take the time to get to know your company’s goals and resources.

Digital transformation is something you must get right the first time. And with the right IT partner enacting a smart hybrid multi-cloud strategy, you can successfully build what’s next on top of what you have now. Get the ebook to learn more.

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