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If we’re doing things right as a technology provider, your IT is getting faster, more reliable, and more optimized over time. Your business needs are changing and complexifying at breakneck speeds, and it’s our job to evolve just as rapidly to make sure you can operate the way you need to in order to stay competitive in your market.

One of the ways Codero is evolving is by building on our history as an infrastructure provider to introduce a more platform-agnostic, consultative, solutions-based approach. It’s with this evolution in mind that we’re happy to announce we have joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network as a Standard Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller.

AWS provides a flexible and affordable route to the cloud for organizations of all sizes, whether you’re seeking a simple way to establish a global presence; affordable redundancy and resiliency; big data services; developer environments; or simply flexible or burstable infrastructure to handle traffic spikes.

While many of our customers may have used AWS in the past for personal or professional projects, we’ve found even experienced IT teams often want help determining which applications to run on AWS and how to architect their AWS environment for the maximum benefit. They may also want help managing their AWS resources on an ongoing basis so their in-house team members can focus on bigger-picture tasks.

If you have an existing AWS deployment or are thinking of moving some of your applications, data, or processes to the cloud, our AWS-certified team members will help guide you toward your optimal infrastructure and ease your transition to AWS. We’ll also proactively manage your environment to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest features and keeping up with patches and updates so your data stays secure and your technology runs at top speed.

Simply put, this new relationship with AWS will allow us to provide you with the highest performance and the best possible managed service options, so you can achieve optimum business outcomes. We look forward to talking with you about incorporating Codero Managed AWS in your hosting strategy.

The next evolution for us can mean a new world of opportunities for you.

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