By Ric Riddle



Thanks in large part to globalization, business competition has never been steeper. Every decision you make, every dollar you save, and every opportunity you grasp can mean the difference between thriving or falling behind.

Pressure to optimize extends to your technology as well. Today, you’re dealing with massive amounts of data, numerous applications, a mobile-first workforce, an expanded and dispersed customer base, and heightened cyberthreats – all of which mean it’s more important than ever to make sure your IT is fine tuned for efficiency, performance, and reliability.

The complexity can overwhelm internal IT

We recognize how challenging this new reality can be, even when you have technical expertise. There is simply too much complexity and too much at stake to expect your in-house IT teams to architect, implement, deploy, and manage your optimal infrastructure while also accomplishing their bigger-picture tasks.

It’s with these heightened customer needs in mind that we’re introducing a new consultative, platform-agnostic engagement approach to customer acquisition and growth.

Consultation with experts

Rather than expecting you to self-identify and then configure your own infrastructure, we now start the process of IT development with a conversation to understand your business goals, your organizational structure, the applications and processes you use, and what drives and motivates your needs.

Our experts architect an infrastructure that will give you the best performance and reliability for your investment — both now and down the road.

This may mean recommending one platform to host all of your data and applications, such as Codero bare metal servers. More often, it will mean a multi-cloud hybrid architecture that includes a mixture of dedicated and cloud services, sometimes across multiple vendors.

Or it may even lead to a completely different course of action that does not include Codero at all. Our team lives and breathes hosting and has years of experience working with companies of all sizes across the full spectrum of industries, so we know how to run the right task in the right environment for the right reasons.

See how Codero can deliver the hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure you need.

Management and support from people you know

If you’re already a Codero customer, you know that we’re committed to providing a personal service and support experience. When you call, you’ll talk to a handful of familiar people who understand your history and are skilled at addressing challenges swiftly — or helping you scale up to take advantage of new opportunities.

Moreover, when we manage your infrastructure, we work diligently to ensure any potential issues are addressed before they impact your operations or user experience.

Let’s talk

If you’ve been considering optimizing your infrastructure or taking advantage of managed hosting services, chat with us or call (877-999-2750) to talk about our recommendations.

We’re happy to “double check” your configuration with optimization and security in mind — whether you’re currently hosting on our infrastructure, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure.

Your hosting architecture is too important to design with broad strokes, and it’s too complicated to rest solely on the shoulders of your in-house team. We look forward to ensuring your technology runs like a well-oiled machine so your business can run faster and further than your competition.
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