By Tony Howlett



After testing and verification, Codero is now offering Microsoft SQL Server 2016, with advanced security and improved performance. The 2016 edition was released June 1, 2017, and offers significant improvements over the 2012 and 2014 versions of SQL Server, including:

  • Security – Data at rest and data in motion are protected by a platform that has been rated by NIST as having the best security six years in a row
  • High-speed transactional performance for fast analytical processing on transactional data, such as real-time fraud detection
  • High availability and disaster recovery to improve mission-critical uptime and provide fast failover
  • High performance and massive scale to suit the needs of nearly any size organization

One of the features that Codero customers may find beneficial is the new Query Store. This feature improves query performance and stores query texts, execution plans, andperformance metrics within the database, resulting in simplified monitoring and troubleshooting of performance issues. Users can review a dashboard to determine which queries consumed the most time, memory, or CPU resources.

The new security features are always a benefit, as well. Users can enable an “always encrypted” function that limits access to encrypted data only to the application with the encryption key. Data can be masked to the user level for additional security for organizations such as those working with HIPAA compliance or other needs for restricted access. Data can also be restricted at the database engine level.

In addition the new edition provided JSON support including support for JSON imports, exports, parsing and storing. Users will also find a new PolyBase query engine that integrates SQL Server with external data in Hadoop or Azure Blob storage. This will allow users to import and export data as well as executing queries.

One major change to notice is the change in licensing: All Microsoft SQL products must now be licensed per core versus the older model of per processor. Microsoft has also set a 2 core minimum licensing requirement (even if your system only has a single or dual core – unlikely for most databases). This means that if you want to load SQL Server on a server with a 2-core processor, you must purchase 2 licenses of SQL Server. Multiple packs of licenses are available in 2 to make meeting these requirements easier.

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