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Setting up your IT is always a matter of balance — resources invested in one place mean reduced budget in another. So given that you can buy Office 365 direct from Microsoft, you may be wondering whether it makes sense to go through a managed services provider.

Even for small companies, using a managed service provider to set up and manage your Office 365 deployment can mean cost savings, better end-user experiences, faster time to launch and more optimal resource use. Here are a few points to consider:

1. Setting up Office 365 requires upfront work

Microsoft does its part to make setup as easy as possible, but there is still a good deal of upfront work you’ll have to do, including discovery and decision making surrounding licensing, user identity management, and authentication. Having a managed services partner to coach you through the ramifications of your decisions can help you get through this process more quickly and confidently.

It also gives you the opportunity to take a holistic approach to figuring out what data should go in the cloud versus on-premise. Looking at Office 365 decisions as part of your overarching architecture is key for maximizing your budget, performance, and security.

2. Email migrations are painful

While bird migrations are mesmerizing, most of us do not like migrations of any sort. And email migrations are particularly stressful beasts. There is a lot of data to move and it takes a long time. Simply put, much can go wrong if you haven’t done it before.

Using a managed services provider makes the process of getting your email data up and running on Office 365 smoother, faster, and all around less painful.

3. Managing Office 365 is too important to get wrong

Your most demanding end users — your employees — rely on Office 365 every day. If it goes down, it can affect everything from email access to file access and much more. Even if your team is adept at IT management, you may rather use their time for other business initiatives, not just routine management and maintenance.

In addition, you may exert considerable attention to protecting customer data, but protecting employee data from breaches is vital too. Your managed services provider will handle security for your Office 365 environment to make sure your data is protected.

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4. Supporting Office 365 takes your team away from other tasks

There’s no question Office 365 is vital to your employees’ day-to-day productivity and success. That’s why, when an issue arises, your team doesn’t have the luxury of waiting to implement a fix.

If you’re already running Office 365, you know the resources you have to devote to managing and supporting it. By working with a managed services provider, you ensure those troubleshooting calls get funneled to them, instead of your busy team. (Better still, you’ll encounter fewer issues because your environment will be managed 24/7/365.)

5. Your needs may change over time

Your cloud resource needs may fluctuate as time goes by, and having a diligent managed services provider ensures you’re only paying for the resources you use and that you maintain the proper scale as your company grows.

Whatever stage of business you’re in right now, moving to managed Office 365 at Codero is a great way to optimize that investment and keep employees — including your IT team — happy and productive. Let’s talk.

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