Starting in July 2018, the speed at which your web pages load now affects how Google ranks your site on mobile searches. That probably puts you in one of two camps — either you’re sitting pretty because you’ve made page load time a priority. Or you will probably start to see a decline in search ranking and related mobile traffic in the coming weeks.

We’re very rapidly approaching a time when hybrid multi-cloud will replace traditional on-premise, single cloud, and hybrid cloud configurations as the norm. Why? Because the benefits of combining the best possible services and solutions from each of the world’s premier vendors are just too massive to miss.

More than 300 million people already trust their IT to Amazon Web Services (AWS). And now that AWS Direct Connect has made it possible to connect AWS resources to other hosted or on-premise infrastructure, that number is set to explode.

Even for small companies, using a managed service provider to set up and manage your Office 365 deployment can mean cost savings, better end-user experiences, faster time to launch and more optimal resource use. Here are a few points to consider.

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