Get the most out of AWS with architecture and management by Codero.

Knowing when and how to use AWS as part of your hosting strategy -- and architecting it for optimal results -- requires time and experience many in-house teams don’t have. Our AWS-certified experts will not only architect your ideal AWS infrastructure, we’ll manage it for optimum performance and security.

Use Cases for AWS

There are several common scenarios in which we may recommend including AWS as part of your hosting strategy.

  • Easy and cost-effective worldwide presence: With AWS, you don’t have to rent space in overseas data centers and order servers and expensive global connections. Simply spin up the resources you need in minutes in any one of AWS’s 16 regions spanning the globe. If you are just distributing content, you can use Amazon CloudFront, the inexpensive AWS content delivery network with edge locations all over the world.
  • Affordable redundancy and resiliency: With Managed AWS from Codero, redundancy is built in. Add backup sites with the click of a mouse. Load balancers and failover servers can be ready to fire up when there is an issue but will not cost you money when there is not. Continuous uptime has never been so easy or affordable.
  • Flexible or burstable infrastructure: AWS is ideal for retail or other fast-growth or seasonal businesses. Codero can help you architect AWS resources to automatically spool up to handle unusual or high traffic volumes and spool down during slow times. This can make your hosting deployment more elastic and reliable as well as cost effective.
  • Run every app and process in its ideal environment: Some applications work best on dedicated infrastructure, while others benefit from the flexibility of AWS. Our team has in-depth knowledge of how to structure your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure for optimal results. We can also offer specialized instances, such as GPU or FPGA, for high-compute or custom applications.
  • Access to cutting-edge, innovative services: Via our relationship with AWS, Codero can now offer cloud infrastructure for applications far beyond simple compute or storage, such as big data, data warehousing, streaming video, artificial intelligence, and other next-gen services. Talk to us about the availability and pricing of these for your business.
  • Set up developer environments: For developers who need the flexibility to quickly spin test environments up and down, AWS can be a great platform. It also offers new development paradigms such as Continuous Integration and Blue-Green deployment architectures.

Interested in getting the most out of AWS?

Let’s talk about whether managed AWS makes sense for your hosting strategy.

Benefits of Codero Managed AWS

Codero architects and manages your entire hosting deployment, including AWS resources when it makes sense for you business. Our team of experts not only designs your optimal deployment, we manage it to save you time and effort. Already have an AWS deployment? Bring it to us for ongoing management and support.

  • Architected by AWS-certified experts: Our certified experts know how to architect AWS to be as powerful, secure, and cost-effective as possible for your business.
  • Get more with hybrid multi-cloud: Our team will architect your ideal infrastructure, seamlessly interconnecting AWS resources with other platforms and hosting solutions.
  • Save time on updates and operations: Codero handles patching, updates, and the day-to-day AWS management tasks so your team can focus on their priorities.
  • Stay ahead of potential issues: Our team will keep an eye out for traffic spikes, potential infections, and other anomalies, so your technology stays up and running at max capacity.
  • 24/7/365 support from people you know: Codero isn’t just a cubicle bank of anonymous workers. When you call Codero for support, you’ll be assisted by people you know and trust, day or night.
  • Flexible support tiers and billing plans: Codero offers several support tiers to accommodate everything from a backup for your own cloud team to turnkey support for all of your cloud infrastructure. We also have flexible billing plans to meet your financial as well as technical goals.
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