How do I resize my Virtual Machine?

To resize a VM, you must first log into Cloud Portal by logging into, select Services > Cloud, and launch Cloud Portal.

To resize your VM, perform the following tasks:

1) Click on the Instances tab.
2) Locate the VM you wish to resize and stop it (Actions > Stop) if it is running.
3) Once the VM is stopped, click on the Actions link and select Change Service.
4) Select the plan you wish to change to.
5) Start your VM (Actions > Start).

Your VM is now re-sized and running.  Please note that if you pay hourly rates, you will be billed at the new rate based on your selection.  If you pay monthly, your account will be either charged pro-rata for the difference between the old pricing and the new pricing through the end of the period, or you will receive an account credit if your rate lowers for the pro-rata time between resizing and your renewal.  Please note that Codero does not provide refunds when you down-size; we only issue account credits which can be applied to future bills from Codero.
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