Destroying a Virtual Machine in the Codero Cloud

To Destroy (cancel) a Virtual Machine (VM), follow these steps:

**IMPORTANT:  Destorying a VM will close the VM and lose all data.  If you wish, take a snapshot of the VM before destroying. **

1) Access Cloud Portal by logging into, clicking on the Services menu item, and select Cloud.
2) Launch the Cloud Portal.
3) Click on the Instances tab.
4) Locate the VM you wish to destroy (cancel).
5) Click on the Actions link, and select Stop VM if the VM is running.  Confirm that you wish to Stop the VM.
6) Once the VM is stopped, click the Actions link and select Destroy.
7) Confirm that you wish to Destroy the VM.

Once the VM has been destroyed, you will not be able to access any of its contents or log into it.  Codero is unable to retrieve any data from a destroyed VM.

When you Destroy your VM, you will no longer be billed for the VM on an hourly plan.  If you are on a monthly plan, your account will instantly receive a pro-rata credit for the unused portion of the month.  Please note that credits may only be used for future Codero services -- we do not issue refunds for unused portions of a pre-paid period.
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