What is the smart monitor?

The Smart Monitor is a service that can be used by Codero.com’s dedicated server customers to monitor their own server. The service allows the user to modify email alert notifications in case of specific service failure. Further more it provides easy to use web interface for server monitoring and statistical data.

The Smart Monitor can be used for monitoring the following services

  • Core plan: ICMP (ping only)
  • Advanced plan: CPU Utilization, Disk I/O, Memory Utilization, Process Count, SQL Transactions, Disk space availability

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to use web interface to monitor your services availability and server load that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
  •  Minimizing your downtime by receiving alerts in case of service failure. Customizable event notifications give you the unique opportunity to focus on the most important services for your business that run on your server.
  • Detailed reports and statistical data that gives you the opportunity to identify potential problems and take appropriate actions in advance.
  • Access can be given to various users. Furthermore you can define specific access rights for each user.

Please note that receiving an alert isn't always an indication of a problem with your server but when you do receive an alert, you should investigate the problem as soon as possible.

Please check our Smart Monitor webpage at http://www.codero.com/server-access-tools/server-monitor/  for pricing information.

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