TCP/IP network settings for dedicated servers

IP ADDRESS: Probably you know the IP address of your sever but in case you have forgotten it the easiest way to find it out is to ping a domain, which is hosted on your server. To do so you will need a PC connected to the Internet.

- If the PC is running MS Windows XP you should click on "Start-Run...", then type either "cmd" or "command", and press "Enter". This will open a console window.

- If the PC is running Unix/Linux just login to a console or if you are running X start xterm.

Type "ping" at the console prompt without the quotes and press "Enter". Even if your server is down you will be able to see the IP address if the domain resolves properly. With Unix and some versions of MS Windows you can use "nslookup" instead of "ping".

GATEWAY: xx.xx.xx.1 (first 3 octets from assigned IP, and last octet of .1)

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