Using KVMoIP Virtual Media

Using KVMoIP Virtual Media

Mounting Virtual Media over IP

Things you will need:
  • Before you can mount any virtual media, the KVMoIP console will need to have a local copy of that media. We do not provide access to the local media directly, you will need to open a ticket via to have it added.

1. Log into the KVMoIP Console.
2. Launch the Virtual KVM Client.
3. Click Virtual Media.

4. Click Connect CD-ROM/ISO...

5. Select Remote Server ISO Image.

6. Select the file name of the image you sent us from the drop-down menu. In this example the image name is install-x86-minimal-20091103.iso

7. Enter local media username and password (given to you once your image has been uploaded by our staff).

8. Click OK. If everything was entered correctly you will see a dialog verifying you have successfully connected your Virtual Media.

Now your media should be visible within your server.

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