Getting Started With KVMoIP

Getting Started With KVMoIP

Logging into the KVMoIP Console

Things you will need:
  • Your KVMoIP username.
  • Your KVMoIP password.
  • The URL of KVMoIP console your server is connected to.
  • All of the above can be found in your KVMoIP setup email.
1. Click the KVMoIP Console link.
2. Log in into the KVMoIP Console.

3. Once logged in, find the DS number of the server you are connecting to.

4. Click the DS number link (DS20983 in this example) and select 'Connect' from the menu that appears.

5. You should now see the Virtual KVM Client.

At this point you are able to interact with your server as if you were physically present.

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