How do I migrate my email from my shared account to my linux dedicated server?

Important Notes:

This guide covers how to log into your shared account with FTP, copy the mail files, and then use winSCP to transfer the files to your dedicated server

To use this guide, you will need two applications:

Filezilla - which can be downloaded HERE

WinSCP - which can be downloaded HERE


Getting Started

  1. You must first connect to your shared account using FTP (Filezilla).

  2. Once connected you will see a 'Mail' directory. This directory houses the email addresses and emails. There is a 'Mail' directory for each domain. Simply browse to the domain that you would like to migrate and copy the 'Mail' directory to your local computer.

  3. Now that the emails are backed up on your local computer, you'll need to create the domains and mail boxes in Plesk.

  4. With the email addresses created in Plesk, all that is left is moving the email from your local computer to your dedicated server. You'll need to connect to the server using winSCP. Login using your Root username and password. This information can be found in the Welcome to email that you received when you got your dedicated server.

  5. Once connected with WinSCP just navigate to:


    Once in this directory you will see directories for each of your domains. If you had a domain called “” you would see it listed in this directory.

  6. Go into the first domain that you plan on migrating:

  7. In this directory you will see directories for each of the email addresses (mailboxes). Go ahead and browse into the first email address that you would like to migrate, in the below example the address “” is the address that will be migrated first:

  8. Now just browse into the Maildir directory:

  9. The Maildir directory is where you will copy the contents of each addresses contents. If you are transferring from your shared server you will see three directories inside of the '' folder that you backed up to your local computer.

    These three directories are 'cur', 'new', and 'tmp'. To finish migrating the email for, just copy those three directories from your local computer to the appropriate Maildir directory.


    Take note of both the local and remote directories. In the above screen shot, simply drag the folders from the left screen (the local directory) to the right side (the remote or dedicated server).

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