How do I update my linux server?

Important Notes:

  • Fedora Core and Cent OS machines are both updated in the same way so this article can be used for both machines. For Free BSD please see the article titled: "How do I update my Free BSD Server?"
  • This update will have to be done command line if you do not know how refer to the article "How do I connect to my Linux server by Command Line?"
  • Always back up the data on your dedicated server before begining ANY type of update. Updates can cause unexpected errors and loss of data if not done properly.

Getting Started:


  1. Once connected you are going to use the yum command to update the server. Issue the following commands:
[]# yum update yum

and then issue this command:

[]# yum update

This will update the yum
repository information and then update the operating system and all packages that have a pending update. Do not be alarmed if the operating system starts to download a lot of files and installs them, this is a normal part of the update process.

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