How do I install PEAR?

Getting Started:

  1. Log into your server using SSH

  2. Execute the following command:

    [root@hostname]#yum install php-pear
  3. PEAR is now installed, issue the following command to ensure that PEAR is working properly:

  4. You should see a list of commands, similar to those below:


    build Build an Extension From C Source
    bundle Unpacks a Pecl Package
    channel-add Add a Channel
    channel-alias Specify an alias to a channel name
    channel-delete Remove a Channel From the List
    channel-discover Initialize a Channel from its server
    channel-info Retrieve Information on a Channel
    channel-update Update an Existing Channel
    clear-cache Clear Web Services Cache
    config-create Create a Default configuration file
    config-get Show One Setting
    config-help Show Information About Setting
    config-set Change Setting
    config-show Show All Settings
    convert Convert a package.xml 1.0 to package.xml 2.0 format
    cvsdiff Run a "cvs diff" for all files in a package
    cvstag Set CVS Release Tag
    download Download Package
    download-all Downloads each available package from the default channel
    info Display information about a package
    install Install Package
    list List Installed Packages In The Default Channel
    list-all List All Packages
    list-channels List Available Channels
    list-files List Files In Installed Package
    list-upgrades List Available Upgrades
    login Connects and authenticates to remote server
    logout Logs out from the remote server
    makerpm Builds an RPM spec file from a PEAR package
    package Build Package
    package-dependencies Show package dependencies
    package-validate Validate Package Consistency
    pickle Build PECL Package
    remote-info Information About Remote Packages
    remote-list List Remote Packages
    run-scripts Run Post-Install Scripts bundled with a package
    run-tests Run Regression Tests
    search Search remote package database
    shell-test Shell Script Test
    sign Sign a package distribution file
    uninstall Un-install Package
    update-channels Update the Channel List
    upgrade Upgrade Package
    upgrade-all Upgrade All Packages
    Usage: pear [options] command [command-options]
    Type "pear help options" to list all options.
    Type "pear help shortcuts" to list all command shortcuts.
    Type "pearhelp" to get the help for the specified command.
If you see a list similar to the one above when issuing the PEAR command, then PEAR is installed and working properly.

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