I have a dedicated server with plesk, how do I create a new email account?

Plesk uses the qmail system. You can create and manage email boxes for individuals within a domain which is already hosted on your Dedicated Server.

The Plesk Control panel has the following email management functions:

  • Create, edit or delete e-mail boxes and set individual mailbox quotas.
  • Allow mail user access to the control panel.
  • Use several mail aliases for a single mail name.
  • Set up redirection of mail addressed to the mail name to another e-mail address.
  • Enable the mail name to function as a mail group used for forwarding mail to a number of e-mail addresses at once.
  • Manage mail group membership for the mail name
  • Set up auto responders: automatic replies to e-mail sent to the mail name.
  • Configure the integrated anti-spam software for filtering incoming mail.
  • Configure the antivirus filter.


In the instructions below, we assume that you have already configured the physical hosting for your domain name within the Plesk Control Panel.

  1. Start by logging into your Plesk control panel at: https://your-server-IP:8443
  2. Click the Domains link, located in the General section of the left navigation panel.

  1. Click on the domain name you'd like to create a new email account with.

  1. Now, open the  Mail service of the selected domain name.
  1. Click the Add New Mail Name button. The Create Mail Name screen will open.
  2. Configure your new email account:
    • Enter your email name in the Mail name text field.
    • Enter your email account password in the respective password fields.
    • To allow the mail user access to the Plesk Control Panel, check the Control panel access checkbox and select the interface language and skin for the mail user's sessions. Check the Allow multiple sessions checkbox to allow multiple sessions under the same mail user's login.
    • Select the Mailbox checkbox and specify the mailbox quota, if such is needed.

  1. Click Ok to save the changes and create the new email account.
  2. Once the mail name is created, it will appear on the Mail names list. You will see seven icons representing different mail services associated with your email account. These icons are displayed in gray when the corresponding services are not active, and appear in color when active:
  •   - indicates the mail user access to the Plesk Control Panel
  •    - represents a mailbox
  •   - represents a mail redirect
  •   - represents a mail group
  •   - represents a mail autoresponder
  •   - represents spam filtering
  •    - represents antivirus filtering
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