How to install SpamAssassin on Plesk

SpamAssassin is a useful tool for reducing spam in large quantities, however in some Plesk versions it is not installed by default. The following steps can install it on a Plesk system this works for both linux and windows machines.

1. Log in to Plesk. Either view will work for this, however I suggest highly using the Service Provider view.
2. Go to System Overview, select Add or Remove Components.
3. Click to expand Additional Mail Services then check the box for SpamAssassin support. Once it is selected click Continue at the bottom of the page and at this time your server will begin to update.
4. Then click Finish.

You will get the completed message and be ready to go. It is important to remember that SpamAssassin is not a program that is run but a passive detection system that assist with spam and that as you mark spam type emails the system will learn from it. If items are not marked as spam then SpamAssassin will not learn what should be filtered.

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