Running Multiple Versions of PHP in Plesk 12

Please note that these steps will work only on Plesk 12.0.18 and higher. In earlier versions, it is still possible to run multiple versions of PHP but the setup process is significantly different. Please see the Plesk knowledgebase article at for more information.

Log in to plesk and under the server management section, click on "Tools & Settings."

On the settings page, click on "Updates and Upgrades."

Click on Add/Remove Components.

Under Web hosting features, find and expand "Different PHP interpreter versions."

Enable the version(s) that are needed and click on the continue button at the bottom of the page.

Plesk 12 multiple php versions - Installing php versions in autoinstaller

On the following page, wait to receive a "success" message, then click the OK button to proceed.

To use the newly installed version of PHP:

Click on domains, in the left hand sidebar and click the domain that you would like to change.

Click "Hosting Settings" next to the domain and scroll down to the "Web scripting and statistics" section.

Under the PHP support section you will have a dropdown that will have the version of PHP that you are using selected. To change this, just choose the version of PHP that was installed earlier and press the OK button to apply your changes.

Plesk 12 multiple php versions - Selecting php version for site

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