How to setup and manage your billing and payment methods for cloud servers

We have attempted to make this as easy as possible being able to manage not only your cloud server but also your billing and payment methods from within the same control panel. Once you log in to your Portal.Codero.Com you will need to add a payment method to be able to create a cloud server. 

            This is done by clicking the “Payment Methods” options on the left side menu. From this menu you will need to setup a credit card for automatic payments under the option “Add Credit Card”section on the right hand side of the page. For this simply fill out all of the card details and then click  “Add Credit Card” at the bottom of the page. Once the card is added you are now free to create a cloud server. If this is your first time creating a cloud server then you may need to have your account verified. For this, be on the lookout for an email from Codero to verify your account. After it has been verified you should be able to spin up cloud servers. If you have any issues or questions please use the “Support” section for assistance at the bottom of the left hand menu.

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