What is Codero Elastic Block Storage (CEBS) and what are the benefits ?

Codero Elastic Block Storage (CEBS)

What is Codero Elastic Block Storage?

Codero Elastic Block Storage is the ONLY guaranteed high-performance Multi-platform storage system in the entire industry. It enables you to  customize the amount of storage and IOPS to meet your performance and availability needs, and can be attached to the Codero Cloud, a Dedicated Server, or a Smart Server.

What is Elastic Block Storage?

Block storage is a segment of a SAN (Storage Area Network) carved off and turned into a virtual hard drive, also known as a LUN (Logical Unit Number). This LUN can be attached to your server over the network via iSCSI connector software and can be formatted like any standard hard disk drive.


  • "On the fly" drive upgrade (Drive size and performance can be upgraded on demand through www.serverportal.com)
  • Guaranteed high performance IOPS with Burst

What are IOPS?

IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second, pronounced; eye-ops) is a common performance measurement used to benchmark computer storage devices.

What is Burst?

Burst mode is a temporary high-speed data transmission mode used to facilitate sequential data transfer at maximum throughput. Burst mode data transfer rate (DTR) speeds can be approximately two to five times faster than normal transmission protocols.

Different types of devices employ a burst mode, including random access memory (RAM), hard drive interfaces and accelerated graphics ports. Burst mode functionality is device-dependent, and does not require input from other devices.

AES Encryption Included

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an encryption algorithm for securing sensitive but unclassified material by U.S. Government agencies and, as a likely consequence, may eventually become the de facto encryption standard for commercial transactions in the private sector. (Encryption for the US military and other classified communications is handled by separate, secret algorithms.)

Fault Tolerance

Codero Elastic Block Storage (CEBS) Cluster is a high performance all-SSD iSCSI storage device, providing massive scale out capability and extreme fault tolerance. Because it is 100% SSD based, drive failures are significantly decreased and RAID rebuild times are much faster.

Ideal Use Cases

  • Devoted drive for high demand dataBase
  • File storage

How do I attach my server to CEBS?

Codero Elastic Block Storage (CEBS) is attached via an iSCSI connector over dedicated private network connection and is treated as if the drive were installed on the server itself.

 How to connect your Block Storage Volume using iSCSI

Can I use CEBS with my Dedicated Server?

Yes, absolutely. Chat now to learn how.


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