How can I update Codero of my root/administrator login information?


From time to time Codero will require access to your server for troubleshooting purposes.   For this reason we ask that you always have your current administrative login information available to us via  While this is not required, it can drastically improve time to resolution.

1)      Login to with your client ID and account password.

2)      In the left hand navigation menu, expand “Server Management”.

3)      Click on “Server Options”.

4)      A list of servers will be presented, for the record you wish to specifically update, please click on “update password on file”.

5)      In field one; you will enter your currently set administrative login password. Repeat password confirmation for field two.

6)      To commit the change, click “Change Password”.

Please Note:  This password update only updates our records so that we may better assist you and does not update your server with the entered password.

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