How do I configure evault backups?

  1. Browse to to login to the Web Control Panel for Evault.  You will be given a username and password:

  2. 2010-03-27_1238.png

  3. Find the unconfigured Agent, and then click configure:


  4. Next, you'll need to give the Agent a unique name.  Typically, we name the Agent the DS# of the server we are backing up.


  5. The next screen, choose “Local System” for the Backup Source Type:


  6. You probably do not want to set a Full Backup, unless otherwise specified.  Typically, you should just back up your site data, databases, and configuration files.  If configuring the full backup, you'll need to make sure to exclude the BUAgent Directory.  

    In Unix it's located at /usr/local/BUAgent

    Be sure to choose 'Recursively' when including and excluding all the directories.


  7. Now you need to choose the encryption type.  You can choose any of the encryption type, however, be sure to use a password that you will remember when setting this.  

  8. ***SPECIAL NOTE*** Codero does not keep any record of this password.  Be sure to remember this password, we can not help you recover this password if it is lost ****


  9. Next, you'll need to configure the backup schedule.  Typically, you'll want to set the Agent to backup every day, week, and month.  Be sure to set appropriate retention schedules as well.


  10. After the schedule, you'll need to setup which vault the agent backs up to. 

    Phoenix Vault:


  11. Last, start the initial backup.  This first backup takes a long time, you'll probably want to schedule this first backup for an off peak hours time.


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