How to map a network drive in Windows Server 2012

  1. Log in Via RDP as the local administrator, navigate to the start menu and select the “This PC” Icon

    Map a network drive on Windows 2012 - Start menu icons

  2. On the left hand pane select the “This PC” option.
  3. Once this is selected it will open up a sub menu at the top of the screen where you will have the option to “Map network drive”

    Mapping a network drive on Windows 2012 - This Computer menu and map network drive icon

  4. Once selected, the wizard will start and you will need to designate a drive letter, as well as specify the path to the shared directory/folder. This can be done by either browsing to the folder (if you are able) or specifying the path manually. Once you have entered all necessary information and ensure to check the reconnect at sign-in box if applicable.

    Mapping a network drive in Windows 2012 - Setting a Drive letter and folder

!! When specifying the path manually you may do so by hostname or by entering the ip address of the server, As seen here:


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