Product End of Life Announcement for CentOS 5

CentOS 5 is reaching End of Life (EOL) on March 31st, 2017. After this date, Codero will no longer offer CentOS 5 and will be limited in the level of support we will be able to provide to customers still using it. This document provides FAQs and recommendations for migration.



Who sets the EOL date?

The third-party vendor, in this case, CentOS, set this EOL date in advance. EOL dates for other versions of the software are:

  • CentOS 6 – updates until November 30, 2020
  • CentOS 7 – updates until June 30, 2024


What happens when an operating system reaches EOL?

The operating system will continue to operate normally, as will applications installed on that OS. However you will be unable to perform the following tasks on an OS that reaches EOL:

  • Fresh installations of certain software that no longer supports the old OS
  • Upgrades to applications that no longer support the old OS
  • OS-related fixes – you may find that many vendors will not support fixes, security or otherwise, to EOL OS products

Additionally, server owners who continue utilizing CentOS5 without updating to a new, more current operating system will fall out of PCI Compliance and will no longer be able to accept credit card payments via their sites/servers on their servers running CentOS 5.  


What are my options for an OS migration?

Codero can help with planning the migration process. The recommended procedure is to order a replacement server with the required hardware specifications running CentOS 6 or 7. Then you can migrate the data from the old CentOS 5 server to the new server. Because this is a manual process, we recommend that you begin planning now. Codero can help you with the planning strategy and the execution. 

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