How can I add a MAC address to my Serverportal account?

Codero employs strict MAC security rules to prevent hijacking and/or other misuse of the network. In order to have network connectivity, your server or VM MAC address needs to be permitted to access your network. This is done automatically for dedicated servers, but in order to run Virtual Machines on your server, you need to add your VM MAC address to the approved MAC list. 

To add your VM MAC address:

  • Log into

  • In the top menu, click on Services -> My Services. This will open the current service listing.


  • Click on the hourglass icon to the right of the server you would like to add a MAC address to. This will open the service detail page for that server.


  • Scroll down to the bottom, and there will be a section titled Network Information.


  • Click on the Add or Edit MAC Addresses button.


  • Enter your MAC address(es), one per field, and then click Update to save the changes. 

Your changes should take effect within a few minutes. 

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