Copy of How can I add the Codero ISO repo to my VMware server?

In order to add the Codero NFS ISO repo in vSphere:

  • In the left navigation pane, click on the server you wish to attach the repo to


  • Click on the Configuration tab in the main application pane


  • Under the Hardware menu, click on Storage. This will show a list of mounted data stores


  • In the top-right of the main application pane, click on Add Storage. This will open the Add Storage window


  • Select Network File System and click Next


  • Fill in the following and make sure Mount NFS read only is checked.


Folder: /mnt/data/isos 


  • Set the Datastore Name and click Next when done.
  • Click Finish to add the repo. 

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Select NFS ISO and click Next
Set the name of the NFS library to any name that you like and click Next.
Enter the following URL as the Share Name 
Click Finish to add the repo. 
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